Past imperfect, present tense

Newest Cover

My new album, Past imperfect, present tense, has just been released to download and streaming sites by CD Baby.

They rather caught me on the hop, as they warned me on finalisation that their Covid-Safe practices and staffing meant that approval and release would take 1 to 3 weeks, and then managed it in 3 days. Good for them I say, but it means I still haven’t added the album page (At the top right under Music) but I will be doing so soon. The Music is now available for download from Amazon and iTunes, and should be appearing on Spotify, YouTube and other streaming services very soon if it’s not there already.

Purchase and download early is my advice, in case the Internet runs out of electrons before you can get hold of it.


Give it a try

…and another

I’ve been inspired by Apple’s recent push to inspire creativity, among the meek and broken of spirit, by providing guides to creative projects using the tools that come free with an iPad. I’ve been playing with Garage Band and Apple loops to provide the basis for tunes, which are then combined with cleaned and edited archive recordings of people who are :-

a) Brilliant, and

b) Dead, so unable to be offended by their works being adulterated by me.

I’m still having fun with it, so here’s another …

Crafting software and music from twigs and bits of string up a mountain in the Welsh Valleys