Rain but no rainbows

This is usually the best time of year for rainbow spotting around here, but this year I haven’t seen one yet. Last year, for the first time in my recollection, I saw a double rainbow. In fact I saw three on separate occasions. I didn’t know until then that the colours are reversed on the second rainbow. I have been on the lookout for a while as I make trips over the Black Mountains through the rain, I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Rainbows are one of those phenomena that are entirely out of place, full of colour on a grey day. They are also always uplifting and worth stopping to have a good look.

We’re Puppeteers not Artisans

I’m working now on the interface for my Project Planning App for the iPad.¬†Whatever people say about form following function, it’s not true when the function is ill defined.

Spitfires and E-Type Jaguars, Gaggia coffee machines and Dualit toasters are all engineered to do a specific task, and emerge beautiful by being perfectly appropriate to that task. Software is different. Software emulates tools, but only within the constraints of current hardware. We have come a long way from the green screens and dumb terminals of the 1970’s / 1980’s, via windows, to touch screen tablets like the iPad. Each step has been massively beneficial, in that the tools we use shape our thinking about the work we need to get done, but we re-frame our work to best use our tools. Until we make the last step, to have tools that suit our preferred ways of working, form will dominate function.

How many manhours are wasted globally producing PowerPoint presentations, not because we have much more to communicate to each other than when we used OHP slides, but because they look lovely and “Professional”? (Of course this is exceeded by the manhours wasted in the audience). Many people use spreadsheets to do database tasks, because it is the only tool they know, and not only couldn’t design a database properly, but couldn’t even frame the question in the right terms, they think in rows and columns, not sets and relationships.

In his excellent book “Being Digital” (Selected bits here :- http://archives.obs-us.com/obs/english/books/nn/bdcont.htm ),¬†Nicholas Negroponte describes the ideal interface for humans to deal with information systems. We would sit down at our desks in the morning and a series of hologram figures (The seven dwarves, a cast of SuperHeroes, characters from ancient mythology, whatever we choose), would march out onto the desktop to be given spoken orders. They would then scuttle away, returning later with information, ready processed into usable form, or with analysis and suggestions. This is how we work with each other, and its how we work best. Freed from consideration of the constraints of the tool, we can describe the task in its richest terms. Until then we have to move in Geisha sized steps towards better solutions. The best solutions will be those which can allow us to behave like puppeteers controlling agents and delegating tasks, rather than blacksmiths selecting differently shaped hammers. Getting the interface to move towards this is the next step, and those that achieve it best will, once more, change not just the way we work, but the way we think.

Arrivals and departures

A Beehive or Skep

I have been busy adding PIN access control to all three Apps, as suggested by existing users. In upgrading and improving the three existing Apps, I had to completely re-test them all on all supported platforms and OSes. I had upgraded the iPod touch I use for testing since last release and was now running OS4, which runs iAds. I had applied all the advised techniques for rendering iAds inoperative and harmless on OSes before IOS4, but after reverting the iPod touch to IOS3.1.2 I couldn’t stop them crashing at unpredictable intervals. Wasted a day trying to locate the problem, but the crashes were irregular and uneven to the point where even the crash logs offered no help. In the easiest and best decision I have had to make in years, I ripped out all the iAd stuff, re-tested and found no faults. I have received only trivial amounts from iAds anyway and the only option would have been to only support IOS4 and above, which wouldn’t even allow the Apps to run on iPads.

All three apps thoroughly tested on IOS3.2.1 and 4 and on 3.2 on the iPad and uploaded to the App store for approval. Fingers crossed.

Time to re-engage nose with Grindstone

A conspiracy of trivial and less trivial diversions has stopped all production at the software forge since before the weekend.

I began to empathise all too much with the chap on the right, feeling all hollowed out. However moderation in all things, including self pity is the key, so presenting a resolute face to the oncoming winds, most of the diversions having been addressed, I shall resume work properly tomorrow. I have enhancements to make to all three currently released Apps and can then make proper progress on the next.

As long as the sun doesn’t shine and we don’t go to the seaside that is.

Cheering images

Trying to find themes and images to work into the interface for the Organiser App and am being constantly drawn to iconic British images of the period up to the 1970’s or so. Not so much Bowler hats and umbrellas as ‘proper’ telephone boxes, pillar boxes, guardsmen, London Buses and taxis. There was a cheerful, modest, solid and elegant style to them all which we seem to have absently let slip. I think we are the poorer for it.

Synaesthesia … sort of

Working yesterday on Become: Organised and, in the background, half listening to Weather Report (Tale Spinnin’) which I haven’t listened to for many years. Gradually my thoughts, deep and profound up to then, were diverted into Physical Geography, especially glaciated landscapes. Pictures of U shaped valleys, arretes, cirques-cwms-or-corries, moraines and drumlins drifted in unbidden until I snapped to and realised that this was the very music I used to listen to constantly while preparing for my A-Levels. A period of silence allowed me to complete the bit I was working on, but I shall have to go over it again to check for unwanted diversions having intruded into the code.