Back in the real world again

After a bit of an absence I shall be able to post more regularly now as I’ve just finished a major upgrade to the Savvy app. I find it difficult to concentrate properly on other things when in the throes of new development work, so lots of peripheral stuff (As well as dealing with those near and dear to me in a courteous manner) has gone to pot. A couple of days hard graft should put matters to rights.

Savvy Version 3.0 is now with the AppStore for approval so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Needless to say I haven’t added all the stuff I wanted to, the problem is fitting it in without cluttering everything up. There is a great tendency among the IT community to keep improving things to the point where they no longer work and I am wary of following that path. There are, however, some bits that can be usefully added once I have thought about it for a bit more.

I have added a bit so that users can e-mail problem reports direct from within the app, in the hope that they will do this rather than just giving up or posting a bad review. There is a bit of an inbuilt bias in the reviews in that when you delete an App, you are prompted to rate it as you delete it. People who have just become so grumpy that they have decided to delete the App rather than put it aside for a bit before having another try are not going to be in the most generous frame if mind, so their ratings are bound to skew the average a bit. There is no comparable system that prompts people who use the App regularly and have downloaded successive upgrades … which would be nice. Anyway, that’s enough whinging from me, I’m off to bed.