Creative surge of weirdness

Both new apps came were released into the App store late yesterday, they’ll take a little time to work through into all the App store catalogues.

Work continues on the next App, an iPad version of Print-O-Calc which is providing lots of opportunities for creative fun and frolics. I passed an interface mock-up through a filter I was playing with and came up with what looks like an LSD induced nightmare, but which I have grown to love. Other examples on the website here. I may have got a bit carried away with this so I’ll stop now, probably.

We were at the Millennium Stadium today seeing our brave and noble lads take on the reigning Rugby world champions and coming so close to a heroic and memorable win, but with a couple of 50:50 decisions going one way rather than another it wasn’t to be. No shame in that, it’s just the way life is sometimes.

Decluttering my head


The inside of my head

I don’t watch much TV, but often when I look to see what’s on it seems to be one of those de-cluttering lifestyle shows. The basic premise seems to be that a film crew turns up and they wait for the man of the house to go out and then throw all of his stuff into a skip. Then they all seem very pleased with themselves and the prospect of a new life. I’m not sure how this usually turns out when the chap returns home as frankly I find it too hurtful to watch and find something better to do rather than think about it further.

I have recently, however, come to some sort of sympathy with the underlying premise, that one can become too espoused to stuff. This is often a result of habit and familiarity rather than affection. I am speaking metaphorically here, of course, none of my physical stuff is up for grabs. (One of the benefits of working from home is that a regular watch can be kept to prevent anybody getting any ideas about committing tidiness around my things.) The clutter that I have attended to has been related to the Apps I have in mind to develop. Taking a strategic view from the start, with a coherent set of Apps, seemed to be right. If I were contemplating a startup business employing others and with significant world conquering ambitions it may well have been appropriate. Working on my own, as is my wish, it soon became joyless.

I have been struggling for some time to find a new approach to a project management App that provided something significantly different to those already on offer and came to the conclusion after far too long that I really didn’t care enough to make the effort worthwhile. Every promising new approach resolved to the same tedious conclusion, that if you want to manage projects, the way it is done in software now is about the best way to get it done. It took an astonishing amount of headspace to carry the three different approaches I had narrowed it down to, as I sought to meld the best into something coherent and new. So I documented everything I have done so far, backed it up, and emptied it out of my head.

I may well resume it later, things often resolve themselves if you let your sub-concious have a crack at them without constant interference from the forebrain, we’ll see.

For the time being I have rediscovered the enthusiasm I started with by starting some smaller projects that have less lofty ambitions but are much more fun. (I like to have two or three on the go at once so I can chop about when I have to do a bit of thinking. I tend to have two or three books I’m reading on the go at once, for similar reasons I guess). At the weekend I submitted the last free App update, having included the option to upgrade to full functionality within the App (At a cost of course). That’s the last free App I plan to do for a while. I haven’t noticed a significant effect on the sales of my full priced Apps so why bother?

Tonight I finished and submitted my retro calculator which is a bottom price tier App, but has a significant component of Joy in use. Rather than have the same App for the iPad, I have in mind a retro desk calculator with a Nixie tube display My Dad had one of these on his desk in the 1970’s and I always admired it. Doing the artwork for that will be fun.

And I saw another rainbow today, a big one. Obviously I’m on the right track again.