Xenophon's Anabasis

For the last couple of months I have been like Xenophon blundering about Asia Minor without a map, or perhapsĀ more likeĀ the good soldier Swejk going to war. I mean this not in a geographical sense, but figuratively as in starting every day without a purpose of my own and being buffeted by events and the needs of others. All very therapeutic I’m sure (It’s nice to be needed, but nice when it stops) but all good things come to an end so I’m digging my way back into App development, and managing the Apps currently in the store.

I am happy with the Apps currently on sale, but frankly some way short of a viable level of sales. Not being temperamentally suited to marketing (Always seems like showing off to me), I nevertheless need to bite the bullet and ship some review copies to tech and finance writers in the hope of catching someone’s eye and getting a bit of publicity.

Distaste for this is somewhat tempered by starting development on Become: Whole, a lifetime financial planning App for the iPad. Starting a new project is always the most exciting part as the overall design forms and re-forms iteratively until the shape and flow are set and the heavy lifting of writing the code begins. This is, of itself, another tour of unknown territory without map or compass but at least this time the objective is known and my own.