Forward to the past


Personal Almanac in 1970s mode


One of the Apps I’m currently working on is another Retro App to go with the Print-O-Calc ones. These are Apps that attempt to reproduce something that could / should have existed in the past, but didn’t because to make them would have been technically impossible or prohibitively expensive. Now that smart phones have moved from the realms of executive jewellery to the hand of pretty much anyone who wants one enough, there is a real chance to simulate such devices and sell them for pennies.

This one is a Personal Almanac which shows sunrise & sunset times for wherever you are (Or wherever you pick from Google Earth), and the current phase of the moon.

In addition it shows a biorhythm chart if you tell it your birthdate, and I’m now working on some BioDynamic stuff to add for gardeners and growers.

Anything else I can think of which may be fun and/or useful I will add as they occur to me although I do draw the line at Horoscopes. I’m currently thinking of “Thoughts for the Day”, “On this day in history”, “A new word a day” type stuff which I shall probably grab into the App daily from existing websites to keep it fresh and interesting.

Any suggestions would be most welcome at .


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