In the same way as people of my age write things down so that they will remember them, people of all ages now have a tool to write things down so that they can forget them. I refer, of course, to those brain purge events called Tweets. I use Twitter on my iPhone to follow a few people I like to read, but I could never post anything. I don’t really know why, just that, at my age,  it would make me feel that I belonged in the same category as teachers who wear jeans or vicars with guitars who want you to call them Dave.

This leaves me with only this blog as outlet for all the accumulated stuff, what programmers call cruft, cluttering up my head. The Twilight Home for the Bewildered that is Hay-on-Wye is a rich source of such clutter, and as I am going to bed, I am going to unburden myself of some. Feel free to ignore it, this is my therapy not yours.

Why do people who presumably dress quite normally to go for a stroll at home, dress as alpine climbers to walk the pavements in rural areas?

I strongly dislike people who wear backpacks in shops.

I am not too keen on them out of shops either.

Why do people on pedestrian crossings, seeing you waiting in your car, lean forward and go into a sort of trotting movement without actually speeding up?

Why do people using mobile phones go into a sort of trance and walk straight into roads without looking ? (Two last week)

How do people who pull out of junctions without looking (“But Officer, I always pull out of here at 10:30”) get to live to such a ripe old age?

Why is it wrong for someone who runs a global business employing many thousands of people to be paid as much as a badly behaved academic under-achiever who kicks an inflated pig’s bladder around for an hour and a half, once a week, for half the year?

Why do grown men buy replica sporting kit ? The only people entitled to wear it get it for free.

Better now, g’night.


2 thoughts on “Amnesianda”

  1. The backpack phenomenon is arguably worse on public transport (especially trains). It is all the more astonishing that people with a very profound sense of their “personal space” (nauseating term) seem to lack any form of spatial awareness of the space that they occupy outside their field of vision, most notably the additional person sized package strapped to their back. In the field of inappropriate behaviour on public transport, they are eclipsed only by the people who stop immediately after arriving at the top or bottom of a flight of stairs or an escalator and consult a map, causing pantomime gymnastics behind them. And that is simply a variant of the routine undergone by elderly ladies at the checkout who exhibit flustered astonishment that payment is required for the goods that have just been scanned and placed in bags for them and proceed to undergo a major audit and inventory of their voluminous handbag in an effort to locate payment means. Better now.

  2. Quite so, and alongside the elderly ladies are the home counties weekenders who let their toddlers stand in the trolleys and eat stuff that’s not yet paid for, whilst undergoing a stream of consciousness from the multi-tasking (i.e. unable to focus) 21st century woman who is doing it for herself in a man’s world. They race to get in front of you in the queue at the checkout, unpack a bit then bugger off completing their shopping. Upon return we are all treated to some more public parenting before they go back to their week-end cottages where the children go and scream in the garden for an hour or so before tea.

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