Plas Windrince in Jubilee Fig

Whilst dressing the house, and confirming the Universal Rule of Rope, viz. any bit of rope you opt to use will be six inches too short or about 200 feet too long, I was much caught up with the occasion.

The jubilee weekend being over, this enthusiasm carried me on to finish Lifemodel and get it into the app store.

That done, I dug out all the bits for the project management stuff I had previously set aside and have started making significant progress (Updates on the become-apps.com website).

If I can bring something different to this sort of app I will be a) surprised, and b) delighted. If not I’ll stop again. It would be nice to complete the apps I originally set out to write so every mental sinew is being strained.

Hope springs eternal.

A sense of urgency

Quite urgent really

Although my father would often try to describe the difference, in the Lancashire of his youth, between the phrases “dreckly” (Directly, something to be done now) and “dreckly minute” (Something to be done soon) I never really got the hang of it until living among the Welsh.

Although strictly an amateur anthropologist, and only scaling the foothills of my study of Welsh culture, I have managed to isolate two parallel concepts in Welsh english. They are “I’ll do it now in a minute” (I’ll do it soon), and “I’ll do it now after” (I’ll do it sometime later).

What I haven’t yet cracked is the correct phraseology for a Welsh version of ┬áthe english phrase “Do it now”. Still, there’s no rush is there?