Hardware: Microsoft Arc Mouse

My trusty wireless mouse having given up after about 9 years service I bought a cheap one as a stopgap whilst I did a bit of research. This, of course, failed in the way cheap stuff does nowadays, not by falling to bits but by being just a bit crappy at everything. I fancied the MagicMouse but it looks just like a mobile trackpad and I just can’t get reliably competent at click-and-drag on those. I found the Microsoft Arc Mouse reviewed well online so did a bit of price searching. I found that if I didn’t mind the “Special Edition” Aubergine one it was about half as much as the normal colours so I bought one of those. Despite my opinions of purple things, being the province of teenage girls who paint their bedroom walls black and lie sleepless fearful of being ravaged by vampires, it is very lovely and very good. There is a magnetic slot underneath which holds the USB receiver when travelling, and it folds along the hinge halfway along the back which switches it off, and makes it very compact. It is precise, has a good range and fits the hand well. If you are in the market for a mouse, take a look. If you can find one, get the discounted purple one and laugh off the jibes about having swiped it from a little girl.


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