Folly and irritation

Firstly the folly. I made some Rosehip and Raspberry jam a few years ago and since we’ve had a bumper crop of Rosehips this year I thought I’d have another go. In an act of stupidity surprisingly large even to those who know me, I forgot to use just the skins and made a compote of the whole fruit, which I boiled for an hour or so as despite the fruit being bright red it was still quite hard. I left it straining through a jelly bag overnight. Yesterday morning I unveiled it and thought it didn’t smell as nice as I remembered, certainly not as nice as the Rosehip syrup we used to get as children. So I tasted it, about a quarter of a teaspoonful. After rinsing my mouth out about 20 times, I was able to stop crying and think critically about what my mouth was undergoing. I realised that by leaving in the seeds I had created itching powder for the tongue. Whilst a novel, (and I hope unrepeatable) experience, I can’t see it catching on and don’t recommend you to try it. Today I can sense the beginnings of a recovery and can taste the difference between tea and coffee again.

Secondly the irritation. I have got used to web pages that wait until you have half clicked on a link then quickly shove something else under the cursor and take you there instead. I had always assumed that this was due to my use of AdBlock meaning that what I was seeing and clicking on did not correspond with what the web page thought I was seeing and clicking on, if you see what I mean. It happens more on some sites than others, the Guardian being particularly subject to it. It also seems to have got worse over the last month or so. It now seems to have infected my phone as I started noticing that when I woke it up, it was in an app I hadn’t used. I set up a controlled environment, quiet darkened room, no electrical equipment on etc. and carefully took the phone which was playing music, stopped the music and exited the Music app. As I was halfway to putting the phone carefully down on a nearby table, an app, whose icon was not visible on the screen and was not backgrounded, popped open. Curiouser and curiouser eh?


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