O Canada

Image courtesy of the Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota, Duluth

I have always had a great admiration for Canada, a huge beautiful land full of honest, independent people with a sound respect for hard work and honest money. They also seem to have more settled and contented lives than so many of us and life there seems somehow simpler and more straightforward. My view of the charm of the Canadian people and their upright and splendid policemen wasn’t even dented when they found it necessary to shoot a man dead near to my hotel in Toronto. Everyone was so unflustered and orderly about it afterwards.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise then to find that an infamous cheese smuggling ring was just busted. That’s just the sort of crime I would expect in Canada. According to Gawker.com The arrests occurred after a nine-month police operation, including an internal cheese smuggling investigation at the Niagara Regional Police department. What knocked me out of equilibrium was that a constable of the Niagara regional police was one of the ringleaders arrested.

Whilst not technically, or even actually or factually, a mountie he has still really let the side down.

Being a rotten-apple bad cop is one thing, but a cheese smuggler, well really.