Baroque cross dressing

I’ve just finished a travesty piece which I have called DoubleBach. I use the term travesty in the original or theatrical manner meaning dressed in other clothes, since the piece (The second movement of J. S. BACH: Double Concerto in D Minor, BWV 1043) is played not on two violins but on a church organ, a tuba, a flute and a trumpet.

The piece is lovely and rightly popular and there are already many excellent recordings with two violinists so attempting to replicate that would have been redundant. A Jazz version a la Jacques Loussier would have been beyond me to pull off and a Moog version a la Walter-cum-Wendy Carlos rather old hat now. Other than by using a piano it is difficult to cover the tonal range of a violin so I have used two instruments for each part… and a rotary vibraphone.

It’s not quite the final mix as I think I may quieten the organ a bit. Anyway I like it and I hope you do too.

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