Head Spinning

Image from ffffound.com

Being a child of the TV age, I often find it difficult to just listen to music without closing my eyes. It sometimes seems necessary for sounds to have an accompanying visual element, anything will do and I get distracted and realise I’ve not been listening. This happens more often on more familiar music so perhaps I’m just getting bored with listening to some things too often … or so I thought.

I bought some new earbuds on eBay, and trying them out I found that things were different somehow. There was nothing wrong with the sound quality, far from it, but there was something new and fresh about what I was listening to. Then I realised that the earbuds were mis-wired left to right. As they were of this new anatomically correct type that engages right into the ear canal, it is not possible to merely put them in the wrong ears. I shall keep them as they are, however, rather than sending them back or attempting to re-wire them as they make a diverting change. For those of you with swappable earpieces, I suggest trying it.

I had a quick search on the iTunes app store to see if there were any apps that let you swap stereo channels and couldn’t find any, so I have been playing with the IOS audio playing interface to see if I can produce an app which allows you to swap channels whilst playing your iTunes music. Whilst fiddling about I’ve managed once not only to get the channels swapped but also to get the impression of flying over the music, turning and coming back again from the other side. I’m now working on a suitable interface, preferably one that doesn’t involve rotating a cube on screen as those make my head swim.

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