somnus iconI have just uploaded my most recent app to the iTunes app store for approval and sale. The app combines two pieces of music I wrote specifically for it, drifting away and falling upwards with some simple visual prompts which guide the user through a series of muscle activities which promote relaxation.

I’ve been using the procedure myself since I heard it described on the radio many, many years ago as “Saying goodnight to my toes …” or similar.

Except at times of extreme duress, exams I’ve not properly prepared for, family illnesses and such, it’s always worked for me.

You can read about it here should you wish.

Spring in the air Mrs. Jones … no indeed, why should I?

The freezing Baltic wind appears to have gone, taking the clouds with it and we have sunshine for the first time in a month or so, most welcome. Not only have the bird’s beaks unfrozen enough for them to sing again, but a pheasant has taking to doing morning and evening walking tours of the front garden which is novel but surprisingly cheering.

I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning on SoundCloud and have added two new songs, which I’ll post here as well.