Living Relics

I’ve just received two replacement elements from Dualit for our 20 year old toaster. Rather charmingly the delivery note, and the separately posted invoice were printed on a dot matrix printer on tractor fed paper.

Are these printers still made? Where do they get spares? Also, they must have stockpiled about 20 years worth of paper and ribbons to keep them in use.

Perhaps Dualit exist in one of those communities described by Alvin Toffler in “Future Shock” where people are protected from any technological development after they reach a certain age.

For example, they have a website where you can find spares, but the tools to order them online aren’t there or don’t work, so you have to telephone your orders in.

However, I hope they continue just as they are so I can continue to get spares for the next twenty years.

If they got all smart, trendy and modern, they would probably attract takeover attention and disappear within a couple of years.