Plausible deniability

I’ve posted a new movie to YouTube for which the above track, from the forthcoming Nescience album, is the soundtrack. The movie uses clips from:- – 45 Insane Combat Videos (National Geographic) Vietnam firefight.

The music was produced using MixTikl and LogicPro X with the spoken bits by Voxette, my expressive text-to-speech app which is in development. (Unfortunately the piece requires a rather deadpan delivery).


I have fixed the misbehaving widgets on the music parts for the website (Click “My Music” at left) by changing to a different style from those available. Three steps forward, one step back, but progress of a sort as the pages are a bit tidier now.





The front page on has also been upgraded with a spiffy movie created from a picture I took while we were away for a few days.

This is a still I produced while making it.

They are done with an app called Matter and you can produce lots of clever things and they don’t all look like rejected Pink Floyd album covers, though mine do tend to.




The line between reality and unreality is somewhat thinner in North Wales where we were travelling and you’ve got to love towns with statues like these dotted about. 

P1030817 P1030820

Improving things to the point where they no longer work

I’ve mentioned this before with regard to others, now I’ve done it myself. Having spent hours this evening updating the website ( to add pages for the app currently in development, I completely overhauled all the music pages to include a widget provided by CDBaby to play all the released albums (or snatches thereof) and, if people wish, to buy them.

Only at the end did I publish and test the pages on my Mac to find that in Safari the widget was having some species of fit and flickering like mad. Aha, I thought, Adobe Flash Player is being used but it seems not as the page works fine on my iPad and iPhone.

I updated the Flash player on my Mac anyway but the problem still pertains in Safari although it works fine in Firefox.

Try again tomorrow, for the time being, here’s an E-Type Jag.