Oh yes, oh very yes



2 thoughts on “Oh yes, oh very yes”

  1. Wonderful. It’s all just kicked off in a similar vein in the US. Last week I saw Guinness crisps for the first time, and today I saw Marmite rice cakes (an ingenious way of making those things eatable) and now this. There is good in the world.

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding, meant to, didn’t, no excuses.

    I missed out on a Marmite chocolate easter egg, thankfully.

    I like the Marmite crisps, Guinness I suspect I wouldn’t, in the same way as I found both the Guinness and Champagne Marmites inferior to the original.

    Guinness flavoured beer is excellent though as is Champagne flavoured Champagne.

    By and large, however fashionable for Liberal Arts type, it’s a mistake to subvert the form, I find.

    With the current lack of real innovation, combined with desperate bandwagon boarding, I confidently expect a bacon and cheese flavoured chocolate to be along any day now.

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