Apple music – downsides

Music Error

Further to my previous post, there are some downsides to the Apple Music revolution which should be noted.

1. It hasn’t been awfully reliable, the screen on the left was appearing for two days whenever I tried to use Connect on my MacBook.

2. It crashes two or three times a day on my iPad.

3. Apple have taken music that artists gave them to sell, and rented it out to people, without taking on any of the risk themselves. I can’t think of another example where a company running rental business didn’t have to buy the goods themselves before renting them out to others, in fact when renting out videotapes companies used to have to buy premium priced versions to rent out, and because they were physical objects could only lend them out one at a time.

Apple seems to have taken a rather cavalier view of their artists’ IP rights, surprisingly, given their historical litigious behaviour in securing and protecting their own.


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