Citizen Windrince

CheHighI sold one of our cars yesterday, about half an hour after the insurance company’s telephone support line closed for the day, so I rang this morning.

The insurance ran from the 11th of the month so that delay cost me another complete month’s premium. I had paid for the year upfront however, so I expected still to be refunded 5 months of it.

This, it turned out, was true, but there would be an early repayment charge equivalent to four of those 5 months.

Licensed thievery I call it, especially since I had bought the insurance via one of the banks that had received a £37 billion bailout after demonstrating a mix of incompetence and illegality that must have surprised even themselves. A show of grace, thankfulness, and even handed behaviour would have been nice.

There are few responses to this sort of thing available to the meek and broken of spirit, in fact I can only think of three viz:-

– to never do business with them again (on my own account at least, can’t stop governments throwing money at them)

– to write angry posts on highly influential blogs like this, and

– to become a communist for the rest of the day.

The last of these may well be the most fun, I shall be railing about the way the Irish have been through years of misery, and the Greeks are still being put through it, in order to ensure that French and German banks don’t lose out after recklessly lending them money they couldn’t afford.

I started rehearsals with the cat, but she found the iniquity of their behaviour too much to bear and left the room.


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