Her Majesty’s subject Windrince

Phew, after spending only about half a day as a sans-culottes I was exhausted, my sympathies go to those who have to keep it up for an extended period.

I had imagined I would model myself on the rather earnest young chap in M. Hulot’s Holiday who hangs around the Hotel lobby boring everyone rigid (If they are unfortunate enough to sit within earshot) including the young lady who is holidaying there and trying to have a bit of fun. Expecting, as a beginner, that I wouldn’t be able to equal let alone improve upon his success, I decided to devote what little time I had available to being a theoretical communist rather than a practicing one.

Even this proved dreadfully tiring, keeping up that peculiar combination of a sense of superiority, righteous anger and victimhood is a full time job.

Anyway I have decided it is not for me and have resumed my former persona as a loyal subject of Her Majesty who shouts at the TV and Radio news but keeps himself to himself, gets ignored when at the bar in pubs, and has people sit on his lap on buses (Really, it’s happened twice).


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