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Plausible deniability

I’ve posted a new movie to YouTube for which the above track, from the forthcoming Nescience album, is the soundtrack. The movie uses clips from:- – 45 Insane Combat Videos (National Geographic) Vietnam firefight.

The music was produced using MixTikl and LogicPro X with the spoken bits by Voxette, my expressive text-to-speech app which is in development. (Unfortunately the piece requires a rather deadpan delivery).


aLife 2.0 Beta

A video for aLife 2.0 Beta which is about finding and trying out a new life for yourself. The video uses clips from  “Charley in New Town”, a 1948 film from the Central Office of Information promoting the new planned towns being built. They must have seemed wonderful at the time, and some of them have held up pretty well since.