I use a MacBook Pro running Logic Pro X as a workstation to record, arrange and produce on.

Attached I have a Tascam US-122l USB Audio / MIDI interface which provides MIDI in/out ports and 2 line in ports for high quality recording.

I have a Yamaha TG33 Tone Generator which I have owned from new in 1990 and use it for occasional warm organic sounds.

I have a Kawai MIDI synth/keyboard of similar vintage which I occasionally use just as a midi keyboard, although more often than not I use a KORG nanoKey for this.

I have custody of a Squier Stratocaster which belongs to my brother, A Yamaha steel string acoustic guitar with an acoustic pickup, and a Harley Benton Dobro / Resonator guitar with a single pickup. I plug the guitars straight into the audio interface and apply any effects or filtering within Logic Pro.

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Crafting software and music from twigs and bits of string up a mountain in the Welsh Valleys

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