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To celebrate Askew & Askance becoming available on the iTunes store, I have made a PopcornMaker video for Echolalia. Since it has a drifting / loose timing I wanted imagery with the same sort of casual nature and I happened across an article about the strange and rather vulgarly named shittywatercolour.com. I think the works are full of joy and charm, have a look and see here.

More vanity publishing

I’m just uploading the files for Askew & Askance, my third album, to CD Baby for onward distribution to all good download outlets. That’s some 763Mb of files so may take some time, maybe overnight. It does mean that it should be processed and available within the next week, just in time for the anticipated Christmas rush.

Summer Morn

I’ve used Popcorn Maker again, this time to make a slide show of Claude Monet paintings to accompany Summer Morn. I managed to include one or two from Pourville-sur-mer where we spent a family holiday nearly a hundred years after Monet’s visit.

You can find it here, should you wish.

It was played on BBC Radio Wales last saturday, last item of the show and cut off at the end but I’m proud all the same.

Askew & Askance

The image on the left was my first choice for the cover of Askew & Askance, it is a heavily processed version of the picture you can find here. Since I decided not to use it, but still liked it, I thought I’d share it.

I’ve added two tracks :-

Not drowning, waving, and

Ibsen’s dramatic method┬áto Soundcloud so you can click the links above, search on Soundcloud, or read more here.

Comments are most welcome.

Mr. Thompson inside himself released

I have today finished uploading Mr. Thompson to CD Baby for sale and onward distribution.

All being well that means it should be on amazon.com and iTunes by the weekend.

Full speed ahead on the next epic “Askew & Askance”. The name was suggested by Askew’s bakery in Crickhowell. How satisfactory it would be, I thought, to have a shop run by a partnership of Askew’s with Askance’s. It would probably only suit one of those exclusive oddities shops that proliferate in places like Hay and Brighton, which tend to tail off a bit and become like Reggie Perrin’s Grot shops before long.