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Getting your Head straight

I’m just coming to the end of the last major upgrade I will do for a while to the first 3 Apps. These three comprise the first phase of my major three point scheme. The overall design is that to get everything going in the right direction for you, you should :-

1. Get your head straight. Establish where you are, what your resources (Personal, financial etc.) are, and with the minimum of effort get these in order. This gives you a firm footing and the elbow room you need in order to operate.

2. Make sure that everything you do is done to maximum effect with minimum effort.

3. Make sure that everything you commit significant time, energy or money to is taking you nearer your long term goals and ambitions. In order to do this, you need to establish these goals and then constantly revisit your assumptions and measure your progress.

These three stages are characterised on the website (become-apps.com) as Head, Hand and Heart respectively.

Phase two then is the Apps for the hand, to produce efficiency. This will start with an organising/ planning ¬†App for the iPad (Become: Organised) which I have been modelling and re-modelling for months now. I just can’t get the design to sit still. As I try to nail things down, new ways of approaching things occur to me and in trying to incorporate them instead of producing a nice flexible solution, I end up with an unholy unstructured mess. Ho-hum. The problem as I see it is, if it’s for the iPad it should be fairly freeform not some reductive, prescriptive, directive, constricted and generally bossy solution. The point of project management / personal organisation tools though is to emulate a well organised person and help you to become one. Most of the people I know and have known who are really well organised, although often charming and delightful on a personal level, are the worst sort of prodnose busybodies in the workplace. What I want to achieve is some kind of compromise which, without undue harassment and hectoring, collects all the necessary information and then presents possible solutions for exploration. This sort or collaborative working between user and App is probably more in keeping with the iPad ethos, and is certainly my preferred approach.