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It all started as a bit of fun…


From the film “Life of a Roadie”


I was horsing around with GarageBand on the iPad and playing with the SmartStrings instrument presets and for some reason instead of thoughts of the Golden Age of Elegance, what came to mind was one of those preliminary sound checks the roadies do before concerts when all the kit is in place, all the instruments unloaded and the band are still back in the hotel taking opium and giving each other home perms (As Uncle Mort would have it).

The roadies and instrument mechanics all seem to all be able to play party pieces of great virtuosity and are well worth listening to.

Anyway I saved a few of the SmartStrings passages, loaded them into Logic Pro and knife and forked them onto Guitars and Organ Parts, unleashed Logic Pro’s accompaniment drummer, added some Bass and this is what I got. I make no claims for creative input but I’ll take the royalities anyway since somebody has to.