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Arrivals and departures

A Beehive or Skep

I have been busy adding PIN access control to all three Apps, as suggested by existing users. In upgrading and improving the three existing Apps, I had to completely re-test them all on all supported platforms and OSes. I had upgraded the iPod touch I use for testing since last release and was now running OS4, which runs iAds. I had applied all the advised techniques for rendering iAds inoperative and harmless on OSes before IOS4, but after reverting the iPod touch to IOS3.1.2 I couldn’t stop them crashing at unpredictable intervals. Wasted a day trying to locate the problem, but the crashes were irregular and uneven to the point where even the crash logs offered no help. In the easiest and best decision I have had to make in years, I ripped out all the iAd stuff, re-tested and found no faults. I have received only trivial amounts from iAds anyway and the only option would have been to only support IOS4 and above, which wouldn’t even allow the Apps to run on iPads.

All three apps thoroughly tested on IOS3.2.1 and 4 and on 3.2 on the iPad and uploaded to the App store for approval. Fingers crossed.