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I have fixed the misbehaving widgets on the music parts for the website (Click “My Music” at left) by changing to a different style from those available. Three steps forward, one step back, but progress of a sort as the pages are a bit tidier now.





The front page on jonmoncrieff.com has also been upgraded with a spiffy movie created from a picture I took while we were away for a few days.

This is a still I produced while making it.

They are done with an app called Matter and you can produce lots of clever things and they don’t all look like rejected Pink Floyd album covers, though mine do tend to.




The line between reality and unreality is somewhat thinner in North Wales where we were travelling and you’ve got to love towns with statues like these dotted about. 

P1030817 P1030820

The man on the mean streets

People of note artwork
People of note artwork


I’ve just added “The man on the mean streets” to SoundCloud.

Having been re-reading Raymond Chandler I wanted to do something along the lines of a modern day Philip Marlowe, which it seemed to me therefore involved a tenor sax. It ended up getting rather more, and I had to take quite a lot back out to keep the mood. It’s still a bit rough in the mix but I’ll leave it a few days before going back to tidy it.

Anyway I’m pleased with it and haven’t put any new music up for a while as I’ve been playing with the jonmoncrieff.com website which is pretty much as I want it.

You can visit the website here and have a look around. I’ve put the SoundCloud link on the music news and “People of note” pages so you can listen to it there, or indeed from the widget below.




New website

IMG_0646In an attempt to tidy things up a bit and to draw together the apps site, music site and other bits, including a link to this blog, I have registered the domain name jonmoncrieff.com.

Since I first registered become-apps.com, and gave that to my provider as the primary domain, that has to remain the parent, which has given me some conceptual problems in creating a child structure for jonmoncrieff.com which acts as the parent. There is ample opportunity for creating inconsistencies and circular references which I think I have avoided but bear with it if it doesn’t seem to work properly. I will master it eventually.

I have unimaginatively used Flammarion’s Universum yet again. I plan something a bit more spiffy than the row of links to navigate the site and as I implement that, I will doubtless choose another image, or maybe not.

I am still using iWeb for web updating even though Apple dropped it some years ago and it has a lot of limitations. If you just use it for what it’s good at, site management especially, it is still really good so I am loath to drop it but will need to employ some trickery to get something a bit slicker running. You can find my site here if you wish.