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Pensive Hay Resident
Pensive Hay Resident


In an entirely unexpected and atypical burst of productivity, the updated universal version of Almanac was submitted to the app store over the weekend  and resuming Lifemodel, which had been put aside, I found it almost complete and have added the missing bits.

Providing the testing doesn’t uncover any egregious errors it should be submitted by the weekend.

In sharp contrast to Almanac, which has four selectable interfaces with lots of graphic elements, it has very little artwork. There is considerably more code and it is very calculation intensive but should be a small, quick loading app. This means that the splash screens which pop up while it is loading are only visible briefly and may not be noticed at all.

That gives the opportunity, for those afflicted by the imp of the perverse like me, to be a little playful with the images used. I have therefore picked one of my favourite local pictures as the landscape screen. I don’t suppose anyone will notice it in the app, so here it is.


WordFoto processed image

As the two Apps I’m currently working draw towards completion, I had an idle moment the other day and took a look at the App store. As I was starting to draw the artwork for startup screens and the website for the Lifemodel App, I thought I’d look at art and photography apps. The one that first caught my eye was WordFoto. You point it at a photo or picture on your camera roll, give it the text you want to use, and it produces wonderful images using the text to make and contrast the shapes.

Highly recommended for what it’s worth.