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More popcorn

I “Improved” the Popcorn Maker video linked in the last post, deleted the original, updated the link in the post to point to the new one, only to find out that the improved version didn’t work. It took a mere matter of hours to establish that if you cut and paste text with matching “smart” quotes, (The 66 99) ones rather than the rabbit ears (“), and the quoted text contains other quotation marks, it just hangs on the opening screen. If you choose to have a play or re-mix it, bear this in mind when you enter text. I think it is working OK now.

If you are wondering why you might bother to have a go at what looks like a web based PowerPoint, there’s a lot more to it. Of course what I have done is just like a PP presentation, but I didn’t have to download or upload any pictures or media, they’re all just links filled in at run-time. Since they are all links, and the links can be viewed by anyone re-mixing, there are no apparent copyright issues with using links to flickr or similar, providing flickr provides you with the link. Cleverer people without things to promote are doing all sorts with Popcorn Maker and interactive controls, embedded maps and such. Good luck to them I say and worth a look.

Popcorn maker

I’ve been playing with Mozilla Popcorn maker. Not having to hand a load of Victorian / Edwardian workplace images I’ve linked to loads of other people’s images. Have a look here, then press the remix button and make your own changes. Link to yours in the comments if it turns out well.