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Near Life Experience

Picture courtesy of goodlifezen.com

Reading this week, like many of you I suppose, about “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander in which he describes the experiences which have convinced him that there is / will be an afterlife. Now this is a conclusion that millions of people over hundreds of years in the most advanced civilisations on earth had quietly arrived at by themselves. Many of them belong to religions which hold this as a central tenet, and have opinions on how we should behave to prepare ourselves. For them this is an article of faith. For most of the people who don’t believe in an afterlife it is an article of belief that there isn’t one because it cannot be proven. To the first group his statement is redundant, to the second group anecdotal evidence from someone who has undergone hypoxia is going to be less than conclusive. I expect a lot of people will buy the book though, which set me to wondering two things :-

If this book convinces a person that there is an afterlife, what do they then do about it? To immediately take up a faith would seem a bit transactional wouldn’t it?

What if you couldn’t remember your past life when returning from one of these brief, hypoxic, visits to the afterworld but caught a glimpse of a newspaper front page from this week before re-entry so to speak. Given the monstrous child abduction, former public heroes with feet of clay and worse, and at least half of our politicians concentrating on sneering, smearing or spreading division would you opt not to come back at all? I think I’d certainly play for time to think it through.

Anyway, whilst thus bewildered I was playing with another IOS music app, SampleWiz and constructed a song based entirely on it.   SoundCloud link to follow (Press the green button to play).