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Despite what I said last post, this is another track from Nescience which I may release as a single through CD Baby, hence the non-album artwork.

I say may, because I’ve got stuck on the CD Baby upload page where they ask for descriptions of your style, the track, and your musical influences. Other people don’t seem to have a problem with this but I come over all British and want to write “Not too bad really” or “Try it and you may like it” and similar. I’ll need a bit of time to work on this, in the interim, here’s the SoundCloud version.

A hundred unblessed sneezes

Another track from the forthcoming album Nescience. The title comes from Dan Rhodes book Gold in which the protagonist Miyuki is taking her annual holiday away from her girlfriend Grindl. Although alone, she has brought with her Grindl’s belief that if she sneezes a hundred consecutive unblessed sneezes, it means the end of everything for her. This is incidental to the story, but provides a measure, a counting of distance through each of her own unblessed sneezes.