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People of note unleashed on an unsuspecting world

As you will doubtless read in your Newspaper tomorrow, People of note was released today.People of note

It is now available from CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon downloads (In the US now, by the time you read this maybe the UK also… depends when you read this really).

If you wish, you can play many of the tracks using the widget on this page, in fact it will start playing automatically unless you are on a mobile connection so stopping it playing may  be your first concern.

More people of note

People of noteTwo more tracks below.

The first is about the Pal’s battalions of friends in the First World War being exhorted to one of many last pushes in a war where noble ideals met industrialised slaughter.

The second is a bit more cheerful, currently called Wednesday Afternoon as it has that sort of feel to it but I may change that as I think about it a bit more.